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How to Find

For those like me who didn’t grow up with computers and sometimes get frustrated trying to find what they are looking for on other people’s blogs, here are some helpful hints about this site:

1.  Everything in green is a clickable link.

2.  To browse randomly, click on the 0-2018 or 1-2017 link (or for any earlier year) under the Categories list in the gray column on the right side of the page.  This will produce lists of excerpts for all reviews by year in order.  Just click on the link for the full review.

2.  The Authors, Titles, and Favorites tabs at the top of the Home page are self-explanatory.

3.  Genres–books that are historical, experimental, mysteries/thrillers, biography, satire, etc.–are listed in the gray column on the right side of the page under Categories/All Genres

4.  If you are interested in books from particular parts of the world (which is why I hope you are here), go to  Categories/Countries Represented in the right column and scroll through the list of countries.

5.  You may also search for any book by author and title in the Search window in the top right corner of the page, above the library picture.  PLEASE NOTE: It’s not as efficient as the Authors or Titles tabs, as it often turns up lists and other things, too, but it will eventually turn up an excerpt of the review(s), from which you can then click to get the full review.

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