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Those who are interested in reading about the sociological underpinnings of the current rebellion in Egypt will be interested in a novel which has been the best-selling novel in the Middle East for the past two years.  It is also the basis of a blockbuster film.

Alaa Al-Aswany, the author, has an interview, cited in the Notes to the review, and I’ve included a trailer from the film.  I loved this book.  It explained to me in understandable terms, why the crisis in Egypt today has developed.  Please don’t miss this, if you are interested in reading about the issues that have come to the fore in the past week.

In The Yacoubian Building, Al-Aswany has created a microcosm of all the issues we are seeing now, within a  readable and fascinating novel which no one will forget.  Just click on this link to see the full review, previously posted:  http://marywhipplereviews.com

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