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cover-past-the-shallows3Note: Each year I enjoy looking at the statistics for this website to see which reviews here have garnered the most interest.  Reviews which have been on the site for several years have the advantage of popular recognition which newer books have yet to receive.  This year, in a big surprise, the first twenty books, in terms of reader interest, are evenly divided.  Ten books reviewed here are new to the site within the past five years, and ten books have had reviews on the site for six to ten years.  Here are the oldies-but-goodies that are still in the Top Twenty Reviews after six to ten years.  The Top Ten most popular new books have been posted separately.

cover-kartography1 Favel  Parrett Past the Shallows.  Posted August 1, 2014.  (Tasmania, Australia)  A special  note:  The review for this book is, and has been for several years, the most visited review on this site, with 50% more hits than any other review on the entire website.  (I don’t know why.)

2.  Donal Ryan–The Spinning Heart.   Posted Feb. 27, 2014.  (Ireland)

3.  Kamila Shamsie–Kartography.  Posted Jan. 15, 2011.   (Pakistan)

4.  Jo Nesbo–The Redeemer.  Posted Feb. 28, 2011.  (Norway)

cover-ru-197x3005.  Irmgard Keun–The Artificial Silk Girl.  Posted June 28, 2015.  (Germany, pre-Nazi)

6.  Kim Thuy–Ru.  Posted Nov. 19, 2012.  (Vietnam, Canada)

7.  Kate Atkinson–Started Early, Took My Dog.  Posted Mar. 26, 2011.  (England)

8.  Muriel Spark–Not to Disturb.  Posted Jan. 20, 2011.  (Scotland, Switzerland)

9. Roberto Bolano–The Insufferable Gaucho.  Posted January 23. 2011. (Chile)

10. Muriel Barbery–Gourmet Rhapsody.  Posted June 19, 2011.  (France)

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